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Coaches can utilize this page as a reference for all of the logistics involved with coaching.  Marlboro Youth Soccer will provide as much information and assistance as we can in the below checklists.  If you have any questions on content within the "Coaches" pages, please contact  .

Admin / Preseason


  1. Attend 1 of the 2 Seasonal coaches meetings:
    Spring, 2021
    03/24 (Wed) @ 7:00 PM @
    Zoom Virtual
    03/30 (Tue) @ 7:00 PM @ Zoom Virtual
  2. Complete your Volunteer Registration / Safe Soccer Activities
  3. Ensure you can Log in as a Marlboro Youth Volunteer
  4. Receive Coaching Credentials

Start of Season:

In Season

Weekly Activities:




  • Email Team - Game Reminder


  • Game Day Procedures!

Season Wrap-up

End of Season:

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